Food & Wine: Umbria

Assisi - Umbria Region Italy Touring

Having no access to the coast, the land locked region of Umbria serves plentiful dishes made up of predominantly land based produce.

However, fresh water fish from the River Tiber is often used.

Food from this regional is full of characterful making it undeniably distinctive; the region relies heavily on locally sourced ingredients and seasonal fruit and vegetables.


Regional Dishes:

  • Agnello arrosto – Lamb roasted in garlic, rosemary, sage and peppers.


  • palombacci alla ghiotta – Wood fired Pidgeon, served with berries, chicken liver and a wine, vinegar and lemon sauce.


  • Lepre alla cacciatora – Braised hare in wine, garlic, sage and bay leaves.


  • Spaghetti alla nursina – A pasta dish of anchovy and garlic served in a black truffle sauce.


  • Pan nociato – Sweet rolls of pecorino, walnuts and grapes falvoured with cloves.


Regional Wines:

Lago di Corbara