Food & Wine: Puglia

Alberobello - Puglia Region Italy Touring

The hillside landscape of Puglia, allows plenty of land for grains, grapes and olive plants to flourish.

It also provides the ideal place in which to rear grazing animals and cattle.

Therefore it is hardly surprising that these are the ingredients which are prominent in the region’s traditional cuisines.


Regional Dishes:

  • Ostriche alla tarantin – Breaded oysters cooked in olive oil and fresh parsley.


  • Agnello al cartoccio – Olives, sliced lampasciuoli and lamb wrapped in foil and baked.


  • Ciceri e tria – Chickpea and noddle soup.


  • Orata alla barese – Roasted fish served with grated pecorino, garlic and potatoes.


  • Bocconotti – Marsala flavoured baked dough filled with jam and cream.


Regional Wines:

Rosso Canosa

Salice Salentino


Tavoliere delle Puglie


Terre d’Otranto