Food & Wine: Sardegna

Cala Goloritze - Sardinia Region Italy Touring

For seafood lovers, the beaches of Sardinia are the perfect place to visit.

A delightful array of the lobster, red mullet, clams, crabs and anchovies (too name just a few) can be found along the coastline of the region.

Sardinian cuisine prides itself not on overbearing and rich flavours but rather by the freshness and quality of the ingredients used in every dish.


Regional Dishes:

  • Fregula – Pork, pecorino and onion soup thickened with semolina.


  • Malloreddus – semolina gnocchi served with saffron infused sausages, garlic, basil and tomato sauce.


  • Su farro – Farro grains simmered in beef broth, cheese and mint.


  • Cassòla – A combination of local seafoods cooked into a soup with tomatoes and spices.


  • Pabassinas – Pastries stuffed with a raisin and walnut paste.


Regional Wines:

Sardegna Monica di Cagliari

Cannonau di Sardegna


Nuragus di Cagliari

Sardegna Semidano