Food & Wine: Molise

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The Molise region strongly reflects influence from its former rulers, the Sicilians.

With a history of poverty, there is strong emphasis on dishes made from simple and local ingredients.

However these humble dishes were often livened up with diavolina chilies; the fiery ingredient used in many recipes adds extra kick that is identifiable to this region.


Regional Dishes:

  • Zuppa di ortiche – Nettle sprout soup cooked with bacon and tomatoes.


  • Pezatta – Stewed mutton flavoured with tomatoes, onions, rosemary and chili peppers.


  • Baccalà alla cantalupese – Salt cured cod with olives, grapes, peppers, capers and garlic.


  • Lepre a ciffe e ciaffe – Cooked hare marinated in wine and vinegar.


  • Panettoncino – chocolate cake made with polenta.


Regional Wines:


Pentro di Isernia

Tintilia Molise

Terre degli Osci