Food & Wine: Marche

Urbino - Marche Region Italy Touring

This region’s location on the coast of central Italy means that Marche cuisine is full of the freshest of seafood straight from the coast.

However, the land, both the mountains and rich soil mean that cattle, vegetation and olives are found in abundance here.

A distinctive trait of March cuisine is the stuffed and roasted dishes; meat, poultry and seafood are often found on the table at mealtimes.


Regional Dishes:

  • Muscioli Arrosto – Mussels stuffed with ham, bread crumbs and parsley then roasted in a tomato sauce.


  • Avioli ai filette di sogliola – Pasta filled with a riocotta mixture served with sole cooked in tomato and white wine sauce.


  • Anatra in porchetta – Roasted duck stuffed with garlic, salt pork and fennel.


  • Vincisgrassi – Lasgane sheets layered with chicken livers, veal brain, ham and mushrooms in a béchamel sauce.


  • Ascioli’s calcioni – dessert pastries filled with fresh pecorino cheese.


Regional Wines:


Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva

San Ginesio


Vernaccia di Serrapetrona