Central Regions of Italy

It’s the Italy you see in the movies – scenic countrysides, medieval villages and opulent vineyards. Immerse yourself in Italy’s iconic capital, Rome, by exploring all of what the city has to offer, its charming cafes, narrow streets, colourful locals, and historic sites.

While you’re in the region, why not make a stop at the equally as enchanting city of Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance, the Uffizi Gallery, and home to some of Italy’s most lavish vineyards.

Central Italy emcompasses everything from natural wonders like Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius, to must-see sights such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This region beautifully showcases a lot of what Italy has to offer and is a must for all first time visitors and travellers.

4 Days

12 Destinations

Umbria – 2020

With a wealth of history, art and ancient architecture; the hilltowns and villages of Umbria offer a blend of something for everyone.

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17 Days

22 Cities

Fantasia All Italy – 2020

Our comprehensive tour of Italy, showcasing some of the world’s most beloved cities (including Rome, Florence & Venice), historic sites & scenic wonders.

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5 Days

5 Cities

Pulcinella – 2020

Pulcinella covers Italy’s most popular sites; the Campanian capital, Naples; ancient Pompeii; the coastal town of Sorrento and the stunning Blue Grotto.

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4 Days

14 Destinations

Wines of Tuscany and Cinque Terre – 2020

Experience beautiful Tuscany, including wine tasting, plus the UNESCO listed Cinque Terre during this amazing 4-day tour from Rome.

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