Food & Wine: Calabria

Scilla - Calabria Region Italy Touring

Many of the foods originating from the Calabrian region are dishes made with hearty and filling pasta, soups and vegetable.

Predominant ingredients within these recipes include eggplant, fish, and chili – which is crushed in oil and served with almost every meal.

The inland mountainous landscape means that cured meats and fishes are popular within Calabria.


Regional Dishes:

  • Licurdia – onion soup thickened with bread and seasoned with grated pecorino and chili pepper.


  • Sagna chine – Lasagna sheets layered with mozzarella, egg, peas, artichokes and ground pork.


  • Murseddu – Pork and veal liver pie with tomato and peppers.


  • Pesce spada alla bagnarese – Swordfish roasted in olive oil, capers, parsley and lemon.


  • Chinulille – Raviolli stuffed with nuts, candied fruit, nougat and chocolate, then fried.


Regional Wines:


Bivongi Cirò


Val di Neto

Terre di Cosenza