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With influence from its Greek neighbors, in addition to, Spanish and Arab inhabitants of the island, Sicilian cuisine is often said to be one of the best in Italy.

The islands volcanic soil means that there is a rich produce of vegetables and grains, as well as a variety of fresh seafood on offer. This means that the most popular dishes in this region usually do not contain meat.

Regional Dishes:

  • Cùscusu – A variety of fish (usually tuna or swordfish) cooked in herbs and tomatoes and served on a bed couscous.
  • Zite al pomodoro e tonno – Fresh pasta tubes tossed in a spicy tomato and tuna sauce.
  • Arancini di riso – Fried rice balls fiild with chopped meat, tomato, peas and cheese.
  • Caponata – Stewed eggplant, onions, capers, olives and tomato salad.
  • Pignolata – Fried dough balls piled together and covered in liqueur and chocolate.

Regional Wines:

  • Bianco d’Alcamo
  • Monreale
  • Contea di Sclafani
  • Contessa Entellina
  • Delia Nivolelli