Discover the beautiful island of Italy!

There’s so much more to explore in Italy outside of the mainland. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Islands of Sardegna and Sicily offer pristine coastal views and a unique cultural experience.

Sicily, enriched with history, attracts its crowd by its Greek temples, Roman villas, Norman cathedrals, and other famous historical sites. Sicily offers unique and treasured sceneries, flavours and aromas.

Only a short voyage over an emerald sea away, Sardegna strikes its visitors with natural views, ambient lights and colours. This natural splendour balances its history and ancient traditions with a colourful nightlife, offering something for just about everyone.

12 Days

17 Destinations

Best of Sicily and Malta – Summer 2019

Become immersed in the diversity of stunning Sicily during this all-inclusive tour. Explore neighbouring Malta; with its rich cultural heritage.

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6 Days

15 Cities

Sardinia – Genoa to Genoa – 2019

Explore Sardinia, Italy’s second largest island with its wild hinterland, out-of-this-world beaches and mysterious Bronze-Age, beehive shaped ruins.

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