Food & Wine: Liguria

Cinque Terre - Liguria Region Italy Touring

Home to many towns that lie on the coast, this northern region boasts some of the most delicious seafood dishes in Italy.

In fact many of the dishes from this region were invented on Liguria’s ships and eaten by the local fishermen.

The coastal climate creates mineral rich soils within this area, allowing herbs such as basil and rosemary, olives (for oil), porcini mushrooms and pine nuts to thrive

and grow in abundance.


Regional Dishes:

  • Focaccia – Flat bread served on its own, with a spread or dipping sauce and baked plain, filled with meats, cheese or dusted with salt.


  • Cappon magro – Hard tack biscuits soaked in olive oil and salt water, layered with fish, shellfish, eggs and olives garnished with an anchovy and caper sauce.


  • Ravioli alla genovese: – Pasta stuffed with veal and eggs or sweetbreads and brains. Eaten by sailors so no food was wasted; leftovers would be mixed together and stuffed in envelopes of pasta for the next meal.


  • Ciuppin – Fish that were too small or damaged to sell, slow-cooked for up to two hours, making for a delicious seafood soup.


  • Meringhi genovesi – Rum or liquor soaked cake, filled with apricot jam and topped with vanilla meringue.


Regional Wines:

Cinque Terre

Colli di Luni

Colline di Levanto

Golfo di Tigullio

Val Polcevera