Food & Wine: Friuli Venezia Giulia

Cividale del Friuli - Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Italy Touring

Sitting on Adriatic coast and bordered by Austria and Slovenia, the food of this region is heavily influenced by its Slavic neighbors.

It is a combination of this, Venetian inspiration and homely cooking that work together, to create Friuli Venezia Giula’s signature flair.


Regional Dishes:

  • Granzevola alla triestina – Baked spider crab and bread seasoned with lemon, garlic and parsley.


  • Gulasch – Beef and pepper stew flavored with hot peppers, onions, paprika and tomato usually served with polenta.


  • Strukli – Savoury strudel filled with ricotta and potatoes.


  • Boreto alla graisana – Turbot chowder often seasoned with garlic, olive oil and vinegar.


  • Presnitz – Coiled baked pastry stuffed with nuts and candied fruit.


Regional Wines:



Friuli Annia



Collio Goriziano