Food & Wine: Emilia Romagna

Bologna - Emilia Romagna Region Italy Touring

Emilia Romagna is characteristically known for its lavish Italian cuisine.

Typically, rice, polenta, gnocci and fresh pasta are staple foods, as well as the porcini mushrooms and Marrone di Castel Rio (sweet chestnuts) that come from the region.

Fresh pasta is a signature from Emilia Romagna and is used in many dishes from other regions.


Regional Dishes: 

  • Lasagne Verdi – Spinach flavored pasta sheets layered with meat ragout and béchamel.


  • Pasticcio di tortellini – Pasta, ragù, cheese, bread crumbs and white truffles topped with a pie crust and baked.


  • Erbazzone – Baked or fried tarts filled with salt pork, garlic, onions and greens.


  • Cassoni – Spinach and raisin fried pasties.


  • Piada dei morti – sweet flat breads with raisins and nuts.


Regional Wines:

Bosco Eliceo

Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce