Food & Wine: Lombardia

The plains of the Lombardy region are ideal for raising cattle, therefore beef plays an important role within mealtimes.

Cooking with butter, cream and lard is also a popular choice amongst locals.

The cuisine in this region is often described as extravagant having resulted from having roots in many different cultures.


Regional Dishes:

  • Risotto alla certosina – Rice with peas, tomatoes, frogs legs, crayfish in an onion and leak sauce.


  • Polenta e osei – Polenta served with local birds, roasted in sage leaves.


  • Tortelli de zucca – Pasta filled with squash, cheese, crushed almond cookies and a candied fruit preserve mustard, served in melted butter and fried sage leaves.


  • Busecca – Tripe cooked in a vegetable soup flavoured with salame mince, salt pork, herbs and grated grana.


  • Torta sbrisolona – crisp buttery almond cake made from polenta


Regional Wines:

Oltrepò Pavese

Moscato di Scanzo

San Colombano al Lambro

Sangue di Giuda