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Cagliari, Sardina, Italy cityscape

Cagliari · Olbia Cagliari > Oristano > Tinnura > Bosa > Alghero > Capo Caccia > Castelsardo > Tempio Pausania > Museo la Femmina Agabbadòra > Palau > Costa Smeralda > Olbia

Dates 2024:

  • MAY 5th, 9th
  • JUNE 2nd, 16th
  • SEPTEMBER 8th, 22nd
  • OCTOBER 6th, 20th


  • Double/Twin $3599.00 per person
  • Single $4425.00



The best itinerary of Sardinia on the market!

» Tour leader & local guide during all the journey
» Visit of the Museo della Femmina Agabbadòra with entrance Ticket included
» Gastronomic Experiences
» 3 Traditional Sardinian gastronomic experiences in Bosa, in Capo Caccia and in Gallura region.
» Transfer in & out included

As you touch down in Cagliari, your adventure begins. Step off the plane and be greeted by our friendly driver, ready to whisk you away to your hotel in the heart of the city. Settle into your accommodation in beautiful Cagliari, where the magic of Sardinia awaits.

After breakfast, meet our professional local guide in the hotel lobby and embark on a captivating three-hour walking tour through the heart of Sardinia’s capital.

Cagliari’s historic center is divided into three charming neighborhoods: Castello, Stampace, and Marina.

During the tour, you’ll explore must-visit landmarks, including the Bastion of Saint-Remy, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the Elephant Tower, and Via Roma.

The afternoon is free for you to enjoy at your leisure. You can also take the opportunity for a scenic stroll along the Cagliari coastline, leading you to the renowned Poetto Beach. Undoubtedly one of Europe’s finest urban beaches, you can choose to explore the Roman Amphitheatre and the National Archaeological Museum, delving into the rich historical and cultural heritage from Punic times onwards (optional).

Rest up for another exciting day ahead as you return to your accommodation in Cagliari. Overnight.

After a delightful breakfast, we’ll set out towards Alghero, making captivating stops at three charming and character-filled towns along the way. Our first destination is Oristano, a city steeped in fascinating history intertwined with the Phoenicians and a national heroine, Eleonora de Arborea. We’ll explore the cathedral and Oristano’s most prominent square before continuing our journey.

Next, we’ll pause in Tinnura, a tiny village where it’s worth taking a leisurely stroll to admire its captivating murals. Our adventure then continues towards Bosa, where we’ll treat ourselves to a traditional Sardinian gastronomic experience at a local restaurant.

Following a sumptuous lunch, we’ll explore the picturesque town of Bosa, nestled on the banks of the Temo River, which flows into the nearby Bosa Marina beach. The historic village, also known as Sa Costa, flourishes around the Castle of Serravalle, a 12th-13th century construction by Duke Malaspina. Bosa is renowned for its high-quality olive oil and wines, especially the Malvasia (a DOC brand), as well as its historic tuna fisheries. Many of the town’s shops specialize in coral craftsmanship, gold filigree, and lacework.

Our journey then continues to Alghero, where we’ll arrive in the late afternoon and check into our accommodations.

After a delightful breakfast, we’ll embark on a walking tour through the historic heart of this enchanting medieval city with Catalan origins, often hailed as the most beautiful in all of Sardinia. It’s affectionately referred to as “Barceloneta”, harkening back to the days when it was part of the Crown of Aragon. Its unique location, nestled within seaside walls, grants it a distinct charm and atmosphere.

We’ll meander through its old town adorned with noble palaces, churches, and hidden courtyards. Alghero boasts a rugged and marvelous coastline, stretching for over 100 kilometers (that’s 62 miles), with secluded beaches dotting its path.

At midday, we’ll enjoy a lunch at a charming estate, savoring the exquisite Sardinian mountain and sea cuisine. In the afternoon, we’ll embark on a panoramic drive along the coast, leading us to the magnificent Capo Caccia Natural Reserve. The views from atop the cliffs and the lighthouse are nothing short of sublime. Returning to Alghero, you’ll have some free time to explore and unwind.

Rest up comfortably in your accommodation, reflecting on the day’s adventures.

After a satisfying breakfast, we’ll set off towards Palau on the eastern coast of Sardinia. Along the way, we’ll make captivating stops, starting in Castelsardo, situated near the renowned “Costa Paradiso” known for its rugged and wild beaches and rocky landscapes.

Castelsardo is a charming coastal village, characterized by its tightly clustered houses nestled between the sea and the castle perched high above. We’ll explore the historic center and relish in its breathtaking panoramas.

Next, we’ll venture into the rural heartland of Gallura, stopping in Tempio Pausania. This small town boasts one of the best-preserved ancient centers in Sardinia, where you’ll feel as though time has stood still while wandering its narrow streets and squares adorned with baroque churches and stone palaces.

The tour will subsequently lead us to Luras, where we will visit the Galluras Museum to take a step back in time. This is a private museum, created and envisioned by its owner, who began collecting and showing interest in the history of these places from a young age.

The owner himself will welcome you and guide you through the museum spaces, providing fascinating explanations and anecdotes, allowing you to journey through history. The path is organized on three levels with entrance and exit through the ground floor. The environments have been reconstructed with great care and attention to detail, respecting the structure and balance of the old Gallurese houses.

A focal point of the visit is the story of Femina Agabbadòra, a mythical female figure who, in these countryside areas, used a wooden hammer to assist those who were dying and hopeless. Her tool was said to be a hammer wrapped in thick black orbace fabric. This figure inspired the book “Accabbadora” by Michela Murgia, one of the most renowned contemporary Italian writers who recently passed away at the age of 51.

Finally, we’ll reach Palau, where you’ll check in and relax in your accommodation, ready for more adventures in Sardinia.

After breakfast, you’ll have some free time to unwind by the pool or sea, enjoying moments of relaxation.

Around midday, we’ll head to a charming estate in the Gallura region, where you’ll indulge in a delightful culinary experience featuring the best of both land and sea.

Afterward, we’ll embark on a scenic journey along the Costa Smeralda road, making two stops and granting you free time to explore the exclusive locales of Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo Returning to Palau, you’ll check in once more to your accommodation, reflecting on the day’s culinary delights and the breathtaking beauty of the Costa Smeralda.

Check-out and transfer from the hotel to Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport.

End of our services.

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