The Lands of the Serenissima (Small Group Tour) 2025

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Dates 2025:

  • 8th – 21st of June 2025




Located in northeastern Italy, Veneto is a captivating region with varied landscapes and rich history. Begin your journey in Venice, the “Serenissima,” with its iconic canals and remarkable architecture. Continue to Verona, Vicenza, and Padua, cities celebrated for their historical significance and cultural treasures. Experience the area’s agricultural richness, from lush vineyards to fertile rice fields, while indulging in Veneto’s renowned cuisine and world-class wines. Explore medieval towns and their charming heritage as you traverse this diverse region.

Your adventure starts in Venice, and you will spend three days uncovering its fascinating history. Next, we head to the Prosecco Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you’ll enjoy the scenic beauty and sparkling wines. Our journey continues in Vicenza, the birthplace of Palladio, offering a blend of architectural marvels and stunning scenery. Finally, we stay in Verona, exploring its surrounding areas, including Veneto’s famous rice fields, and immerse ourselves in the cultural richness of this enchanting region.


  • Really get under the skin of Venice with three days to visit the city with guided tours and free time to explore on your own
  • A day exploring Venice’s lagoon on a private boat
  • Attending the opera in Verona’s ancient Arena
  • Visits with producers of rice and prosecco to learn how these products are made and chat with the locals
  • Staying in elegant Vicenza with its Palladian masterpieces
  • Exploring medieval villages like Cittadella and Marostica that have such a rich history
  • Excellent quality, authentic meals in restaurants that focus on local specialities with excellent local wines

Set out on a captivating journey through Venice, exploring this charming labyrinth—its artistic treasures, vibrant culture, and rich history. Cross the iconic Grand Canal and discover charming campi (Venice’s piazze) and its known and lesser-known landmarks.

Venture into the heart of the Venetian Lagoon on a private boat and discover Burano’s lively colours and Torcello’s ancient charm, where history echoes in every timeworn stone. Get a feel for the rhythms of everyday life on the lagoon that has been the lifeblood of Venice for centuries.

Explore the unique world of the UNESCO-recognized Prosecco countryside, where nature dictates the layout of vineyards and country life. Discover century-old mills, castles, and churches deeply rooted in agricultural traditions. Indulge in local wine tastings amidst this picturesque setting.

Visit a local cheese producer and learn about the traditional methods used to create some of the region’s finest cheeses. Then, visit charming towns like Marostica, famous for its medieval checkered square, where people still play chess with living pieces, and Asolo, a medieval town known as the “town of a hundred horizons” for the breathtaking scenery that surrounds it. These charming towns perfectly blend history, culture, and stunning views.

Explore Vicenza’s rich history and Palladian influence, and discover architectural marvels like the Teatro Olimpico. Enjoy free time to roam the beautiful city at your leisure.

Journey to Padova, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, to marvel at its interconnected piazze, urban fabric, and the historic Scrovegni Chapel, showcasing Giotto’s groundbreaking Renaissance frescoes. You’ll spend time driving through the scenic Berici hills to Villa La Rotonda, Palladio’s celebrated masterpiece. Explore the villa’s beauty and symmetry in its idyllic setting.

Immerse yourself in Verona’s enchanting atmosphere, exploring its incredible architecture, cultural treasures, and ancient Roman ruins. From stunning churches to beautifully decorated squares and even the tomb of a medieval warlord, Verona’s rich history awaits.

Tour Verona’s picturesque rice fields, visiting a local producer to uncover the secrets behind this Venetian product. See a centuries-old husking machine and enjoy a taste test at a traditional trattoria. Take a day trip to the shores of Lake Garda, exploring charming lakeside towns and enjoying stunning views.

Conclude your tour with an unforgettable evening at the opera in the ancient Arena of Verona. Experience a spectacular performance in this historic Roman amphitheatre, a perfect finale to our journey through the Veneto region.

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