Best of Puglia Tour - 2022

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Best of Puglia Tour – 2022

Puglia is a region in Southern Italy with so much to offer even seasoned travellers. Puglia offers unique sights, such as the trulli conical stone houses, and the nearby cave town of Matera. Stunning landscapes, such as the very photogenic town of Polignano A Mare which is poised on the rocks high above the turquoise sea.

Amazing food – the creamy burrata cheese, the ripe figs. Each day includes organised activities, visits to all the key sights and a progressive discovery of the local Puglia cuisine. We enjoy long lunches, taking time over the multiple courses to enjoy the atmosphere and to relax.

Tour Highlights
  • The UNESCO World Heritage sites of Alberobello (with its conical trulli houses), Matera (with its cave houses) and Castel del Monte
  • Key locations such as Ostuni, Polignano A Mare, Lecce, Trani, Martina Franca, Locorotondo
  • Discover how the range of civilisations that have settled in Puglia have all left their mark. For example, within walking distance you can find a Spanish palazzo, a Byzantine church and a Roman amphitheatre
  • A culinary focus – we try recipes handed down through the generations and allow you to connect with this ancient wisdom. Match this with Puglia’s wonderful burrata cheese, and with wines found only in this part of Italy – this is a food-lovers’ dream. Later in a masseria (a 16th century farmhouse), a chef helps us cook a fantastic final meal together
  • Experience ‘living traditions’, such as visiting a 4th generation olive oil producer, and a convent where the nuns make biscotti in a centuries old manner (which we sample of course)
  • Our tours are a balance between being informative (historical details, examples of the culture and lifestyle) as well as having everything that makes for an enjoyable trip (long lunches in good restaurants, a relaxed pace, free time in places we visit)
  • We stay for the week in one place, the town of Locorotondo. Here people have the time to share a smile or a chat in the piazza – and by the end of the week you’ll be greeting the locals too!
  • Small groups, maximum 14 people
  • You have our tour manager with you throughout the week, available to provide support and assistance when you need it. Many people appreciate having someone to turn to who is familiar with the local area, whether it be for help getting something from a pharmacy / drugstore, or simply where to find the best gelato!
  • This 7 day tour starts and finishes in Bari.
Tour Dates 2022

12 – 18 June
10 – 16 July
04 – 10 September
11 – 17 September
18 – 24 September
25 Sept – 1 Oct
09 – 15 October


$3799.00AUD per person twin share.

* Prices listed are based on twin share
* Single supplement of $460.00 AUD for solo travellers

  • All Accommodation is included
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary: breakfast every morning, plus a main meal each day of 3-4 courses including wine
  • All costs/entry fees for activities listed in the itinerary are included
  • All transport during the tour is included. Travel is in our van/minibus with a professional driver
  • A tour manager for the duration of the trip
Tour Price Exclusions

Anything not mentioned included in the itinerary, taxes and additional tours.

**Rates do not include city tax when applicable. City tax will have to be paid directly from clients at the Hotel upon arrival or at check out. We remind you that the city tax may change according to the hotel category.


In Puglia we stay in the charming town of Monopoli. The historic centre is lined with elegant old buildings, evocative lanes amongst the whitewashed buildings, and piazzas with the traditional ‘passeggiata’ in full swing each evening.

You stay at the Albergo Diffuso Monopoli, a boutique accommodation provider with a personal touch (rated 4.5 / 5 by Tripadvisor with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’). The rooms are located in a collection of historic buildings in the centre of town. We’ve chosen this central type of accommodation so that you can really get a feel for the lifestyle of a town in Puglia.

The rooms are tastefully presented, spacious, with high vaulted ceilings and the ubiquitous limestone paving adding to the sense of history.

For this week, you live amongst it.

We meet in Bari, the main city of Puglia, and from here we start our discovery of the region.

Our first stop is Ostuni, known as “la città bianca” (the white town). Ostuni is a cluster of whitewashed buildings perched on a hilltop overlooking the coast. Walking through the narrow streets of Ostuni is like being in a forgotten time, evocative and ancient, looking out over an expanse of olive trees. We advise keeping your camera at the ready!

Towards evening we reach the Valle d’Itria, the area famous for trulli houses, where we stay for the next six nights. This area is dotted with charming towns such as Locorotondo and Martina Franca. The historic centres of these towns are lined with elegant baroque palaces of the noble families, evocative lanes amongst the whitewashed buildings, and piazzas with the traditional ‘passeggiata’ in full swing each evening. Over the next few days you’ll have plenty of time to explore the town at your own pace.

Tonight we dine together, having our first introduction to the cuisine of Puglia. Throughout the week meals are in restaurants designed to showcase the region’s cuisine, with the specific venues all carefully selected by us. This is in order to provide a variety of food styles over the duration of the tour.


We depart for our first stop, Alberobello.

The picturesque Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a unique town with streets lined with ‘trulli’. In fact it is known in Italy as the “Capital of trulli”. Trulli are small stone houses with a distinctive conical roof, built 300-400 years ago. By walking along its narrow streets, you will be fascinated by the magical and fairytale atmosphere of this place. We explore this town together, and learn about why and how these dwellings were built, and about the cryptic symbols painted on the roof-cones.

Before lunch you have some free time to browse the shops of Alberobello and to wander around.

We then move on to Polignano a Mare on the coast nearby, an impressive town clinging to a promontory suspended above the Adriatic’s turquoise waters. With a history spanning back to the 4th century BC as a Greek settlement, Polignano a Mare is a charming town centred around the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. The town was on the ancient Roman Trajan’s Way, and you can still see the remains of this route. Polignano a Mare encircles a pebble beach, nestled in a cove between rocky cliffs. The beach is suitable for swimming.

Our lunch in Polignano a Mare is focussed on seafood, with the local produce from the Adriatic Sea being a key part of the cuisine here.


Today we travel to Lecce, a city that flourished in the 17th century when extravagant and elegant baroque buildings were built by the ruling classes. The baroque style features ornate decorations covering the facades of churches and palaces.
We take a private tour around Lecce with a local expert guide to have the key sights explained to us.

The baroque style here is distinct from that in other parts of Italy, both stylistically and in the use of the beige coloured local stone. As well as the architectural and historical features, we make a point of interacting with locals – artisans in their studio creating the local papier mache figures, nuns baking in their convent in the way they have since medieval times.

Lecce is an elegant town in which to indulge in more modern pleasures. There are many interesting boutiques and cafes, and the piazzas are full of life in this important southern Italian centre. After some free time in central Lecce we have lunch in a local restaurant, where we dine on the food specific to this part of Puglia, called ‘the Salento’.


This morning we travel to the town of Matera in the neighbouring Basilicata region. Visiting Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is like a step back in time. In fact this is one of the oldest continually inhabited settlements in the world. The oldest cave dwellings go back to the Bronze Age.

The town consists of houses carved out of the rock face along the side of a steep ravine. We meet with a local guide here who gives us an interesting insight into life in Matera, both now and in the past. In fact his grandparents lived in these caves.

We visit the ‘sassi’ cave area, and enter one of the typical houses built into the rock, showing the difficult existence in these conditions. We also visit a cave church hewn out of the rock, featuring Byzantine frescoes and with interesting histories as their usage has evolved and adapted to the conditions over the years.

Matera was used for the filming of Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” – you’ll see why it is so easy to imagine Matera as being completely removed from the modern age.

Since we are in the Basilicata region, our lunch here focuses on the specialties from this inland region.


Today we travel to Castel del Monte, a castle which is a UNESCO World Heritage sitedue to its “harmonious blending of cultural elements from northern Europe, the Muslim world and classical antiquity”.
This is the site where in the 13th century the Emperor Frederick II brought together scholars from throughout his empire. These influences can be seen in the castle today – for example the repeated octagonal designs representing a search for perfection, and Eastern influences in areas that resemble a hammam.

The building is imbued with symbolic significance relating to mathematical and astronomical phenomena, it is truly a unique place and not to be missed on a visit to Puglia.
Continuing on we reach the town of Trani, a key summer destination for Italians and it is invariably one of the most loved visits for people on our tour.
We start outside the stunning Romanesque cathedral perched right on the waterfront, and go on firstly to one of the key locations for the Knights Templar. We see the site where this fascinating order based themselves, originally the final point for their missions to leave these shores to head to the near east.

Moving through the old Jewish quarter of town reveals much about how the way life in Trani was conducted, in particular seeing how the synagogues have evolved through the eras.
Today the harbour in Trani is a fishing port ringed by waterfront restaurants. Each morning the fishermen sell their fresh fish from the pier where they dock. Lunch is in a seaside restaurant making the most of the fresh catch.


This morning is the weekly market day in Locorotondo, we get to see how the locals do their shopping – rows and rows of stalls with cheese, seasonal fruit, vegetables, and other fresh produce. We take the time to look around Locorotondo, an absolutely gorgeous town, in fact voted as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy (“Borghi piu belli d’Italia”).

After browsing the market we depart to visit a family run winery, focussed on making quality wines from the traditional varieties that are grown in this area such as fiano minutolo and susumaniello. The winemaker takes us through the vineyard, and we taste a range of wines. Some of these wine varieties were so rare that they were not made commercially up until a few years ago.

After a break in the afternoon we visit a ‘masseria’. A masseria is a historic farm centre, originally with all the estate’s workers living in the fortified buildings. Nowadays some of these estates are still agricultural enterprises, while others have been converted into boutique lodges.

The masseria that we visit still produces organic extra virgin olive oil from trees that are many centuries old. This land has been worked for thousands of years – we are shown the remnants of the ancient Roman agricultural production here, along with items from habitation from the middle ages through until modern times.

Today we take the opportunity to show you a local folk dance called the ‘pizzica’. This is a fascinating experience, as it reveals much about the culture and traditions of Puglia. The pizzica dance is specific to this area, and many people who visit Puglia do not get the chance to see it. You’ll love this private performance, while relaxing with a glass of prosecco.

In the evening we have a special touch for our final evening, taking a cooking lesson from a local chef. Since you’ve been with us for a week now you will all be Puglia food experts. The focus will be on cooking typical Puglia dishes, first taking you through the types of ingredients used and their provenance. The cuisine of Puglia is based on the produce at a very local level, so is different to the food from other Italian regions.

Seasonal vegetables, as well as focaccia and other breads, dominate this cuisine. All these are based on the abundant fresh ingredients as well as the ever-present extra virgin olive oil – a simple and effective cuisine. Recipes have been handed down through the generations and are truly expressive of the Mediterranean diet.

The session is hands on and we are all involved in making a series of dishes, and we finish off the session by dining on the meal we’ve prepared.


Today is our last day in Puglia. By now you know the local barista by name and he knows which coffee you order – but we must say ‘arrivederci’.

We organise transport for you to your departure point in Bari and bid you “buon viaggio”.

The tour finishes in Bari at 11 a.m.


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